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Yes, different materials have different storage requirements. For example, fluororubber O-rings (FKM) should not come into contact with ammonia, amines or strong acids. Silicone O-rings should especially be kept away from steam, solvents and strong acids. It is important to learn the specific storage guidelines for each material.

Storage time varies depending on the material and storage conditions. As a rule, O-rings retain their properties for several years when stored optimally. However, it is recommended to regularly check inventory levels and check older O-rings for cracks, hardening or deformation before use.

Avoid storage conditions that could result in heat, humidity, UV radiation, or strong chemical exposure. You should also avoid storing near sharp edges or other objects that could damage the O-rings.

O-rings used in food or medical applications often have additional storage requirements. It is recommended that these O-rings be stored separately from other products and handled strictly in accordance with hygiene and cleanliness regulations.

These guidelines may vary depending on the manufacturer and O-ring variant, so it is advisable to always follow the manufacturer's specific recommendations.

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