Modern trends in sealing technology

The world of sealing technology does not remain still. With the rapid development of technology and materials science, there are constantly new trends and advances in this field.

Smart seals
With the introduction of IoT (Internet of Things) in industry, there are now “smart” seals that contain sensors to monitor health and performance in real time.

Environmentally friendly materials
With growing concerns about environmental protection, more and more seals are being made from environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials.

3D printing in seal manufacturing
3D printing offers the ability to produce custom seals quickly and efficiently, which is particularly useful for prototypes or specialized applications.

Self-healing seals
Some of the latest research in sealing technology focuses on self-healing materials. These seals can repair minor damage themselves, extending their lifespan.

Sealing technology is constantly evolving to meet the growing demands and challenges of the modern world. It will be exciting to see what innovations the future brings!